#64- First Kiss -$15
Pink nail tips with swarovski crystals and lacy heart stickers, sweetness to the max

#63- Love Diamonds -$15
Satin pink nail colour from China Glaze series and studded with crystals.

#62- Stars in Red- $15
Shiny stars with red background, jazz up a plain outfit

#61- Summer Love -$12
Sweet floral pink tips with white flowers and purple crystals matches with a sunny dress

#60- Lolita Love ($12)

Black base with silver rainbow tip with whipper cream lace, for the cool chick in you!

#59 - Red Kisses - $12
Deep red base with a light shimmer pink french tip and sequins.
Very feminine, perfect with a dress

#58- Cherry Delight - $12
Light satin pink nail base with shimmer rainbow silver tips, bows and polka dots.
Perfect for Summer!

#55- Strawberry Kisses - $12
Cherrry red nails with white polka dots and satin base.

#54- Black Diamond- $12
Cool, classic black french manicure with silver tip.

#52 - Polka-dot Baby- $12
Light satin pink nails with polka dots and hearts ribbon, sweet as a baby.

#51- Starry Night- $12
Black tip with silver dust and whipped cream lace, simple yet cool. It is the perfect nails for a night out.

#50- Flowers Garden- $12
3-D flower stickers with swarovski crystals, charming nails for a date.

#49- Kawaii Princess- $12
Light pink hearts and a shiny pink tip, cuteness to the max!

#47- Princess Jewels -$12
Light satin pink with metal beads and whipped cream lace. Sweet and elegant

#45- Love Love Love -$12
Big hearts small hearts, its time to show your love to someone you love!

#44- Angel Lulu- $12
Light glittery pink with high quality swavroski crystals and pearls

#41- Lovely Princess - $12
French manicure with metallic pink beads and lacey hearts.

#35: Lace me up-$12
Shimmery purple nails with lace and pearls, its super sweet and definitely a best buy =)

#33: Princess Royale-$12
Purple nails with dark pink chain, princessy and classy for the glamorous girl.

#31: Rocker girl-$12
Leopard strips with ribbons, show your wild side, yet keep your feminism =)

#28: Purpur Glam -$12
Silky purple nails with glitter tips and swarovski crystals, so glamorous!

#27: Rose Garden- $12
Glittery peach coloured nails with sweet pink roses. This simple sweet looking nails can be worn for casual or formal occations.

#25- Cherry Blossoms -$12
Sweet glittery red tips with 3D nail stickers, and light pink shimmer, spells cool sassy and sweet.

#24- Cool Chic -$12
For those who don't like girly designs, this cool leopard design is perfect for clubbing!

#22- Golden Delight- $12
This red nails with golden strips and swarovski crystals is an auspicious colour, suitable for mature ladies

#20: I Love Hello Kitty ($12)
This set of red nails with super cute hello kitty and bunny rabbit stickers, it is a must-have for this Chinese New Year.

#16: Bubblegum fun-$12
This bright colourful nails with polka dots and cute stickers makes me want to have some fun!

#15: Princess of hearts-$12
Dazzling glitter nails with swarovski crystals and 3D acrylic heart

(Its for purple lovers really.)

#13: Purple Glaze- $12
This set of deep purple nails with glitter stripes and a single pink swarovski crystal just spells elegance.

#09 Miss Glamour -$12
Maroon nails with silver star tips and glitter, suitable for the most glamourous girl in town.

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