#74- Nautical Love

#74: Nautical Love -$15
Another set of nautical blue nails adorned with silver beads, it has silver sparkling tips in perfect contrast to the blue

#73- Pink Leopard

#73- Pink Leopard ($15)
This is a decora-style set of nails, suitable for girls who likes loud, dramatic nails. A very cute fashion statement!

#72- Cherry Yogurt

#72- Cherry Yogurt $14
Cream cake lace with pink glitter tips and tiny bits of pearls, as delicious as it looks!

#71- Sweet Lips

#71- Sweet Lips -$12
Sweet glitter red tip with rose stickers that resembles red lips. Can be worn on both formal and casual events!

Dolly Cake

#70- Dolly Cake $12

Another set of cute pink nails. I received this bag for my birthday and thus it inspired me to create a set of matching nails for it!

#68- Miss Felicia ($15)
Gorgeous Purple nails with silver Swarovski crystals, this can be worn on both a casual day out or on formal occassions!

#67- Summer Flowers

Oval Nail Tips the next IN-thing of Summer 2010!

#67- Summer Flowers ($12)
In the sweltering Singapore heat, its refreshing to see some fresh flowers. Purple glitter tip done using the Gradation Technique with a touch of pink and white daisies. Cute to match with a floral dress!